Impact of Playing Online Games

Impact of Playing Online Games

Impact of Playing Online Games, A busy event in human life today with changing science and technology (knowledge of technology and communication), one is online play.

It is not foreign to our ears when we hear online games. Online games are games that have been carried out online using an internet connection and cellphone. Various types of online games are used by humans.

Online games have a certain magnetism for gamers, the appearance and obstacles of games make some game fans even more interested in using them, coupled with online games that can be easily used anywhere without using heavy and difficult devices, just have a smartphone and internet package.

Even online games can be easily and quickly used by users, various groups play online games, from groups of employees, students, to high school students (high school), junior high school (junior high school), to elementary school (elementary school).

Impact of Playing Online Games
Impact of Playing Online Games

Impact of Playing Online Games

Online games are currently being widely used. Because of that, even groups of elementary school children have played online games, elementary school age children as a group are prone to some Impact of Playing Online Games in everyday life.

This was stated by some parents or guardians of students if “students who are addicted to online games can become lazy, such as lazy to study, lazy to sleep, lazy to go to school, lazy to eat, hard to fokus and will only be enthusiastic if playing online games.” The basics have not been able to filter which ones are good and bad in using or doing one thing.

Here are some bad efeks that can be felt by children if they often play online games

Health problems

often playing games can apparently penyebab a variety of acute diseases? Without you knowing it, playing games is part of a sedentary lifestyle because it makes you lazy to move. Yes, when you play games, it’s only your eyes and hands that concentrate on working. While the rest of the body does not move.

If this routine is carried out continuously, then you are at a higher risk of developing obesity, muscle and masuk loss, and a significant reduction in vision due to the blue light emitted from the cellphone monitor.

Reduction of Academic Achievement in School

The excitement that is peddled when playing games is really different from the few days that children pass when permintaaning knowledge at school. Yes, if at school children usually hati bored and stressed, it’s a different thing when they play games, if children are already in the game addiction stage, they will take all the steps to be able to play games. As a result, many children do not concentrate when absorbing lessons in class, are lazy to study, and dare to be absent from school. These various things lead to a reduction in children’s academic achievement at school.

Withdrawing From Social Life

Children who are addicted to games tend to prefer to spend a few hours to complete the vision of the game being played. This must have a bad dampak on the social life of the child later. The masalah is that children tend to prefer to relate digitally rather than in the real world. In terms of psychology, this condition is called asocial.

Asocial is a personality dysfunction followed by withdrawal and voluntary avoidance of any social relationship. Asocial people tend to ignore someone and bother with their own world.

In general, children who are asocial are often clumsy when asked to start a conversation and hati bored quickly when brought to a face-to-face rapat that includes several people.

Be Aggressive

Addiction to online games is followed when the child is unable to return to kontrol the desire to play games. As a result, children have the will to continue playing games.

The bad news is that the World Health Organization (WHO) plans to include gaming addiction as one of the new group of mental problems called gaming disorder. This is based on the increase in cases of addiction to games from various parts of the world.

The idea is that gaming disorder is proposed to be classified under the broad group “Psychological problems, attitudes, and neurologic changes”, particularly under the subcategory “Substance or addictive behavior problems.”

This means, several health experts around the world agree that addiction to games can have the same efeks as addiction to alcohol or some illegal drugs.