Positive Impact of Playing Online Games

Positive Impact of Playing Online Games

Positive Impact of Playing Online Games, in this era of covid-19, all activities always use gadgets or cellphones. Mobile is an advanced technology that is easy to carry everywhere for our needs. a game application that can be played anytime and anywhere is called an online game.

Online games as a necessity to relax for teenagers as well as children. Many have the opinion that playing online games always has a negative impact and Positive Impact of Playing Online Games on someone. Actually, not all bad things exist in online games, it depends on us to adjust and limit playing time.

Positive Impact of Playing Online Games
Positive Impact of Playing Online Games

Then what is the positive impact of playing online games? Here are the positive impacts we get in playing online games :

  • Entertain yourself with different activities
    for some people, playing games is a necessity when dealing with activities that have been done. Playing online games can make a person more useful and energized after many activities.
  • Train creative attitude and emotional control
    By playing online games we train our creative attitude to make game strategies to win the game. And in playing games, our emotions are very curious to be patient waiting for the right time with a strategy so as not to make a blunder (mistake) in playing online games because it can make the team lose in the match.
  • Hone team collaboration skills
    Teamwork is always needed in playing online games in order to get a win. Thus, we will know more and more to get used to communicating actively with the team to help and support each other in the game so that our team can win.
    Communication is very necessary in managing and implementing strategies between players so that they can understand how to fight against enemies so that they can be more easily achieved.
  • Train sportsman spirit
    The game that players always want is a sportive game, where the game must not cheat by using illegal or cheating programs in playing. Thus playing sports online games indirectly trains us to get used to sportsmanship.
    In playing games, losing or winning is something that is usually experienced by online game players. By playing online games, we become more sporty when we lose in the game.
  • Cultivate optimism and never give up
    One thing that online game players don’t want is defeat, therefore playing online games helps us to be optimistic and never give up to get a win.
  • Gain new knowledge
    We don’t always get it from school, sometimes we get it in games like English vocabulary. Because not all games are provided in Indonesian, sometimes the games are made in English and even the players are from outsiders, so indirectly we get new knowledge in playing online games.